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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Award of ... AWESOME

Today's award of Awesome goes to the Warcraft god of gankers: Angwe.
Angwe is a level 60 Orc Rogue from the Dethecus realm who sits in Menethil Harbour ALL day killing people trying to get on the boats. This all he does. All day.
Oh and he also has another account with an alliance character named Angwespy, to well listen to and take comments from his victims.
As you can imagine, absolute hilarity ensues:

For being the most persistent hardcore ganker I've ever heard about (I used to be one myself, plus he's an orc rogue which gets extra awesome points), Angwe gets today's Award of Awesome!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Crack'n the whip.

Monday monday.
Back to work for me and unfortunately back on the road again.
Back to Drumheller, the town of dinosaur bones and the oil patch. It is in all fairness a pretty interesting place if your not working here. There's been a lot of movies shot in the area like: Rat Race, Shanghai Noon, Superman and Unforgiven.
Unfortunately our crappy little company apartments don't have high speed so I'm stuck on 56k. It isn't to terrible and WoW actually runs OK on it. Supper is Fried Chicken and Chinese Sweet and Sour Pork from the 24/7 IGA down the road.
Speaking of which, grocery stores that are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? That is definately a spot of awesome right there. Not that I usually have the urge to go grocery shopping at 3 am, but just knowing its there and open is comforting.
Well I know your all wondering, who gets the Award of Awesome today???
Stay tooned to find out.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Todays Award of AWESOME!

...goes to a man who created one of the most AWESOME fantasy series I have read in a very long time, A Song of Ice and Fire. George R.R. Martin is definately in the top 3 author's of any book I've ever read (and I've read a LOT in the genre), his style of writing is refreshingly different from most anything else you'll find and epic in its own way. The series has garnered huge support and praise from a large number of significant authors and papers. The characters are believable, personal and yet also not personal due to the way he presents them in their own little niches in the world but when they clash, it doesn't matter who is the hero, people are usually going to die. In fact there are SO many different characters and factions in his series many people have a hard time remembering who is who. This is one of the things that I love about it. It is simply calculated chaos.

So yesterday hearing that the latest and fourth book in the series, A Feast For Crows was out, I bought it. Due to the events leading from the third, I think it is going to be extremely good.

So for writing one of the greatest high fantasy series of all time, George R.R. Martin gets todays' Award of AWESOME!
Now go read the books if you haven't.

P.S. On a side note, anyone can now post comments instead of just registered users. Thanks to FrozenOrb. Orb your awesomeness has increased by 0.0001 points.

The downlow

Today has been spent Christmas shopping, yes that joyous occasion on which one dips into his or her pockets and spreads monetary cheer far and wide.
Actually I don't mind chirstmas shopping and I even tend to go a little overboard on my spending (just like most people will say), my family does a 'draw someones name from a hat' type deal and we spend about $100 on them. I drew my dad and apparantly he got me. Fortunately my Mom is great help when it comes to shopping in general so I spent the day with her and my sister cruising around. Got him a 1GB memory card for his high tech camera, he's a huge shutterbug since about two years ago. You wouldn't think a memory card would cost so much but it did actually come out to about $100.

As for me, people always find me very hard to shop for and I usually don't make it easy on them. Because frankly, I never know *what* I want either. Thing I usually want like clothes, games, or whatever I'll buy myself. I try to reserve 'novelty' things for my parent to buy me for Christmas. This year I pointed out that the new (and particularly AWESOME) Calvin and Hobbes Complete Edition was out for about $118 canadian. My mom didn't really take to that however (yea I'm just a grownup kid) but after I mentioned how much I liked those new Sirius Satellite Radios she said maybe that's what I'd be getting. Oh well I can always buy the AWESOME C&H set later. Plus I really love some of the satellite radio stations the U.S. has and I can never really find and great New Rock stations up here. That and I *ABSOLUTELY* HATE the commercials they have on our local stations... ugh god they should hire me as a writer to end the pain. At least I could make them somewhat funny without being cheesy and overdone.

As for the Award of Awesome today, I'll be posting that up right after this.
I'm sure your all on the edge of your seats in anticipation...

Another Day, Another Awesome

What will today bring to Paul's Blog of Awesome?
Who will get the coveted Award of Awesome?
Will the homeless man be trained in the Kung-fu arts to avenge his family??

These questions and more shall be answered...

Even these guys can't wait!!

But first I must level my druid to 49 and maybe finally get some loot out of Mauradon as yesterday I was brutally, horrendously, NINJA-LOOTED by a FELLOW DRUID after killing the last boss (I was dead and my inventory was full and he decided those boots would look better on him than me -.-).

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Playing To Win - Sirlin

Sirlin is a smart guy. Sirlin *knows* how a game works and how it SHOULD work. He is a former world champion Street Fighter 2 player, and let me tell you I had *no* idea how competitive and indepth that game was before I went to his site. His articles on gaming are very creative and thought provoking and a must read if you've ever wondered at the essence of competitiveness in games. The articles are a few years old but as relevent today as is Sun Tzu's The Art of War which is featured in some of them. They will blow your mind. Well maybe.

And now...
Today was our company christmas party. I work for a medium sized surveying company out of the city I live in. Basically when people want to make new oil pipelines, we have to walk the entire lenght of said pipelines, making sure it won't run into any exsisting pipelines that may or may not be in the area. Its a tough job. Especially when its -30 celsius or worse outside. I usually work straight for about two weeks then get a weekend off. The pay is fairly decent and the only reason I'm still there. I *just* got off of a two week rotation which was worse than usual because I had to stay out of town in a crummy company apartment for those two weeks.

There isn't anyone in particular at my company that I 'enjoy' hanging out with, not that I do anyways, I prefer to keep coworkers outside my personal life. So there wasn't a huge incentive for me to go just to 'talk' to people from work - I mean comeon I have to see these people every other day, and now I'm supposed to go to work on a weekend just to eat and get piss drunk with some folks I work with? Na. I'm very picky on weekends. I consider it 'my' time to do whatever the hell I please and going to a work christmas party seems a bit to much like well.. going to work. Also the best part is we have to feed the homeless for about 5 hours BEFORE the actual party. Now I'm the first to admit I don't give a shit about the homeless. I'm sorry if it seems assholish to anyone reading this but the homeless and I both live in a *very* prosperous province that NEEDS people in almost every type of job (including ones with no experience required whatsoever) that it's almost IMPOSSIBLE NOT to have one! Just to give you an idea, many companies offer huge bonuses to regular employees JUST to get them to STAY with the company! LOL. And yet they (homeless) still find a way to do it. Not that I really have anything against the 'homeless' I just don't want to spend my weekend feeding them and smiling stupidly. Ok ok I am a christmas grinch. There. At least I know I am.

Today's Award of Awesome goes too ....ohnoes

"Whatcha gunna do when Hulkamania and my 24" pythons run wild on you?!?!?!!?"

What can be said about this EPICally AWESOME MAN?
Truely Hulk Hogan is a legend.
Really who HASN'T heard the name?
You can be damn sure he has a special place on Paul's Blog of Awesome!

Enter... teh dr00d!!

Here's where I'm going to tell you all about my World of Warcraft character, Xens the Tauren Druid!
He's level 48 now and is what you would call a 'feral spec'd druid' which means he is usually strongest while in bearform or catform. Here's my talent build
Which as you can see is a stroke of awesome on my part. Not only can my druid TANK better than most warriors (since most of them don't have a clue), he can do JUST as much damage as a rogue in catform, AND he can out heal most priests and restoration spec'd druids do to his +20% intelligence talent! Hows that for hybrid?
Just today I tanked the entire Mauradon instance at only 48! Druid tanking is a seriously underrated element of the class and I think with the 1.8 druid, people are going to start taking notice. Already there's a guy named Hugehoss from my old Dark Iron server that regularly tanks all the end game raids for his guild. His stats are sick and put the average warrior to shame. In short, he owns. I know this probably won't be the case after 60 and the end game raids start but for now he's fun as hell.

Indy kick'n ass, and my new FM Avatar! Awesome!

That is all.


You have entered Paul's Blog of AWESOME!
Yes the name could be considered corny or perhaps even stupid.
No matter it was only created to counteract the blog created by the one known only as FROZEN ORB!!!
He thinks he can talk about all his 'T.V.' shows and movies about robots (wtf??). Well I say he is wrong! Wrong I say!
Here I will talk about RELEVANT THINGS (sp?), like HOW COOL THE THUNDERCATS ARE!
Oh and I might talk about games, yadada, you know whatever *I* feel like. Your comments are accepted though I may destroy them at my whim! HAhaha...
Right now I am playing World of Warcraft, which also holds great Awesomeness though perhaps not quite as much as THE THUNDERCATS!

Which leads me to my final utterance:
Tomorrow... yes tomorrow... THE DAY HAS COME! TOMORROW!

Anyways just thought I'd share since you mortals deserve to have at least a tiny bit of my infinate knowledge of the AWESOME.